How Technology Affects Our Connection And Relationship With Nature

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An Everlasting Feud How is technology affecting our connection and relationship with nature? Is technology robbing today’s children of a useful boredom that helps shape our perception of the world? Richard Louv, in an excerpt from Last Child in the Woods, argues these questions and warns us how technology may be separating people and nature. Through a series of rhetorical strategies, Louv attempts to convince the audience that technology may be desensitizing us from a vital part of human development. The book is clearly written with the general american public in mind. This is evident in his tone, diction, syntax, and allusions. Louv uses a basic, conversational tone to communicate his argument to the readers. He uses words and phrases such as “cash-strapped” (line 10), “fuzzy” (line 36), and “postcard perfect” (line 48) which are bound to be found more often in day to day conversations than in books discussing deeper topics. His simple and direct sentence structure makes his prose easier to understand. He alludes to “Sesame Street” and “Grand Theft Auto” (line 40), specifically chosen examples recognizable to most of his audience. These ways of catering his writing for his target audience makes the excerpt much more appealing to his readers. Rather than adding more depth to his argument with more logical reasoning or perhaps a more intricate historical analysis of the relationship between technology, people, and nature, the author uses something that will intrigue
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