How Technology Affects Sleep

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Many do not believe that we have a technology problem in today’s society. But, ninety-five percent of people use technology an hour before they go to sleep (How Technology Affects Sleep). This is an alarming amount of people who use technology before they go to sleep. You do not have to be looking directly at the technology to trigger the pineal gland to stop releasing melatonin (Kim). Many also believe that lack of sleep due to technology does not affect how they do their daily jobs. Seventy-five percent of those over 30 that reported not getting enough sleep said that when they were tired that their sleepiness effected their daily work (Tarkan). For a school age kid ten hours of sleep is needed. Teenagers also need about nine to ten hours of sleep. Most teens do not get the adequate amount of sleep needed. Adults need about eight hours, this is depends highly on individual factors (Sleep Deprivation). Especially with adults the amount of sleep needed his highly varied. Some may only need seven hours while others need ten. But to function at your highest ability you need to get adequate sleep, each person will need to find what is best for them.
In today’s society we are pressuring our young people to be in everything that they can be in. This puts a lot of pressure on them. We are telling them to take advantage of all the college classes they can in high school, and to be in as many sports and extracurricular activities as they can. This is pushing homework back and for…

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