How Technology Affects The Development Of Young Students

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Imagine a kindergarten classroom where students are interacting with computers and tablets rather than teachers and peers. Imagine students that are dependent upon technology to learn and interact. How would this educational approach affect child development? Will this change the way humans interact, problem-solve, communicate, and think? In today’s society, there has been a significant advancement in technology use. The evolving times have created a push towards the implementation of technology in all aspects of our lives. Included in this move toward a technologically advanced society is our education system. Recently, there is such a trend toward increased tablet and computer integration in the classroom. There are many arguments for and against the implementation of tablet and computer use within the classroom and how it affects the development of the child. An extremely important goal of kindergarten education is the development of a child both emotionally and socially. With the introduction of technology in the classroom, this paper will explore the impact it plays on the social development of young students. Specifically, what are the effects of tablets and computers in the kindergarten classroom on peer interaction? This paper will look at social-emotional development and peer interaction in kindergarten, the integration of tablets and computers in the classroom, and the effects of tablets and computers on peer interaction. Throughout this paper,
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