How Technology Affects The Environment

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With the change in living trends in todays modernized society there is an appeal for such products to “go green.” Clorox’s new line, Green Works, attracts a special ground of today’s nature friendly and environment oriented consumers who do not want to buy products from companies that cause bad effects on the environment. With the help of the media and people, they have put a good perception of the company in the minds of the consumers. The most important factor is to keep the consumer behavior in mind by using cell phones, videos, social networking campaigns through newspapers and radios to build the brand value for the company and its products. However, the company has controversy allegations that may cause problems for the company such as the prices of the products, skeptism of how well the products will work mainly because most people see Clorox as a “bleach” company and some students may just not care enough about the eco-friendly products. Clorox has been in the business of cleaning products for generations. With its Green Works product line, Clorox has now changed its consumer base. The Clorox Company leveraged its company towards the household-cleaning category to develop a new platform of natural cleaning products called “Green Works.” Green Work’s products are made from “natural, plant-based ingredients.” However because Clorox is seen as a “bleach company” it faces many obstacles. Before Clorox created Green Works there have been other eco-friendly products that
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