How Technology Affects The Security Risk Equation Within Many Enterprises

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There is a revolution underway that has the potential to be staggeringly transformational and, at the same time, highly disruptive; it is currently called the Internet of Things (IoT) trend. IoT (also referred to as “Internet of Everything”) devices have embedded network, computing and other information processing capabilities, which allow these devices to be interconnected. The number and types of devices that are being manufactured with these built-in IoT features are increasing rapidly. It is imperative to take notice of the IoT trend because it has a strong potential to redefine the Security risk equation within many enterprises.
This growing internetwork of “things” comprise of physical objects with the capability to communicate in new ways—with each other, with their owners or operators, with their manufacturers or with others—to make people’s lives easier and enterprises more efficient and competitive. The possible use cases for IoT are extensive and growing by the day. Already, automobiles, household appliances, biomedical devices and other purpose-built devices are processing data, communicating with each other and performing other automated tasks, such as keeping themselves updated, notifying users of potential repair issues and tracking (and potentially scheduling automatically) routine service calls. Less predictable use cases include smart utensils that help to monitor eating habits, smart socks that measure pressure to help improve running performance and a

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