How Technology Affects Today 's Learning Environment Essay

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The authors’ are interested in how a students’ outcomes differ in taking an online versus traditional college class. They also consider if the learner has disabilities or not. They start by reviewing what online education is. They then introduce the educational outcomes for students with disabilities. They then compare online versus traditional classroom environment. Next they explain their survey and presenting their results. They end by presenting the contributions, implications, and the limitations of their research. Explanation of article In the article they begin by reviewing how technology affects today’s learning environment. They also introduce the characteristics of online learners. They then present the information on legislation and what is still wrong with higher education for students with disabilities by presenting three longitudinal studies. They finally compare the online and traditional classroom environments. They point out that historically brick and motor programs and classes have been valued over online ones. They completed a survey of students with and without disabilities enrolled in classes at a midsized Historically Black College or University on the East Coast. (Stewart, Mallery & Choi, 2010, p.29). They used a purposive non-random sample of students from the Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 semester. They started with three thousand and seventy-eight undergraduate and graduate students to answer the study questions. The sample included one hundred
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