How Technology Can Define Ethical Standards and Cultures

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How Companies Use Technology to Set and Manage Ethical Standards Introduction The agility and resilient nature of any organization is highly dependent on how effective it is in using technologies to implement, continually manage and reinforce ethical standards throughout the many departments and functional areas of a their business. The greater the level of compliance to ethical standards, the more cost-efficient it is for organizations to meet legally-defined compliance requirements as well. Using IT to align an organization to its compliance mandates through the use of ethics-based management can deliver significantly greater profitability over the long-term. The goal of this analysis is to analyze the approaches organizations are using to combine leadership strategies and technologies to create highly effective organizational cultures. How technologies are used has a significant effect on the ethical foundation, expectations and cultures of an organization. Not only do they amplify a leader's key insights and thoughts, they also create the means by which employees can communicate, collaborate and define a culture of high ethical standards and conduct or not. Leadership will determine which direction an organization will go on this continuum ethics and technology. The Impact of Technologies on Managing Ethical Standards & Guidelines Enabling greater adoption of leadership frameworks by making them more accurate, aligned and useful to a given organization is one
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