How Technology Can Help An Organization

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As technology becomes more advanced many people tend to use it more often.They see that technology allows them to do things quickly and easily. One example is paying a bill online. It’s a quick and easy process to learn. However, not all websites are made to only pay bills. Some are made to shop, entertain, inform, or to help an organization. Many people don’t really see what methods people use to attract many people to go online. Nowadays many companies have created their own websites to have their customers use at their convenience. is an uncommon website, created by the Air 1 radio station which plays Christian music. The Air1 website contains rhetorical appeals using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to persuade listeners of the Air1 radio station to keep it on air. ETHOS Air1 is a radio station that has their own website which features options to have their listeners help out with many charities and to help keep their station on air through donations. One charity offers the EZ $40 monthly plan to help provide kids with the medicine they need for the parasites and other diseases that they might be struggling with. They use ethos to try to persuade people to donate to their station. They also use it to show that all the money that is donated goes to several good causes. In one of their buttons featured on the right side of the page is an option where any listener can leave a prayer if they ever feel like they need to strengthen their hope so that they never lose it.
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