How Technology Can Help Me Stay On Track Eating Healthy

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If there is one thing that I use daily, to help me stay on track eating healthy, that would be my smart phone. There are so many apps available relating to health and fitness and many of them are free (many of them have paid versions as well). I like to focus on the free apps (no sense in running up a phone bill just to gain a couple extra options). Technology has come a long way to help provide quality information on how to eat healthy, exercise smart and live generally healthy lives. This new section of my blog listed under Tech Health will focus on the technology available and my personal experiences with using it.
The first bit of technology I want to highlight is an app call Fooducate (as in food + educate). This apps simplifies one of the biggest questions I get asked. People often ask me whether or not a particular food is healthy or unhealthy and why. Fooducate takes all of the guess work out of that. This apps biggest claim to fame is the ability to allow you to scan virtually any food item in the grocery and obtain a nutrition profile, a letter grade rating from A to D and a detailed explanation why it was given that grade.
Fooducate is very simple to use in this fashion. All you have to do is activate the scanning function, using your phones camera to scan the bar code. Within seconds, you are given a screen with a letter grade for your product with a comment section below where other users are usually expressing their disappointment when they realize what they
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