How Technology Changed Cars Changed Over Time?

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How has technology in cars evolved over time? Technology in cars is important because cars are driven by all kinds of people throughout most of their lives. People use their cars to travel near or far distances. You basically use your car to go where ever you want, so wouldn’t you want the technology in them to improve? There are three main features when it comes to cars that I think are most important to consumers. Those features are safety, performance, and comfort. All three of these come together to provide a better driving experience. Even though a balance of all of those things are important, some people look for different things when they are trying to purchase a car. Some consumers want a car that has great performance, so they…show more content…
Later on in the early 1900’s, the first steel body was invented. This was made for increased durability and safety, and was also more efficient to use. In 1908 ford made the model T. It could be purchased for a price of $825, which would roughly equal $8,000 dollars now. That’s still considered extremely cheap for a brand new car. Now a days to get a brand new car, you would need at least around $13k, and that’s for very low models. However, even having a car back then was an extreme luxury. The model-T had a 4-cylinder engine which produced about 20hp and could hit a top speed of 40mph. That is actually really fast for those days. Even though it’s barely faster than a horse, it’s obviously more comfortable. When it comes to transmission, the model T had a 3 speed. It was really 2 speeds, and one of the gears was used for reverse. The model T was a real-wheel-drive vehicle, which means that the engine sends all the power to the rear wheels using the drive shaft which connects to the rear axle. This wasn’t always the best because a lot of the weight was in front of the car due to the engine. This means the rear wheels wouldn’t always have the best traction if the road was wet. Nowadays there are rear-wheel-drive cars with 50/50 weight distribution and different types of traction control to prevent the rear wheels to lose traction. The suspension for the Model-t allowed a great deal of wheel movement to cope with the dirt roads of the time. The suspension

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