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How Technology Has Changed Education

Today’s education differs much from the education fifty years ago. One of the reasons they are so different is because of technology. In the past fifty years the world of technology has grown tremendously, affecting everything, including education. A few things that have been brought into the world of education are computers, video and digital equipment such as DVDs, digital cameras and recording devices. The technology also includes information presentation technologies which includes the Smart Board, and different interactive whiteboards. There are many more that schools did not have fifty years ago. Technology has been proven to help students achieve in reading, writing, and arithmetic.
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For example, students who learn better by listening can understand more fully with audio and videos shown on the board. (Bell ) For visual learners, students can watch as the lesson develops across the board. Research has shown that students of all ages respond well to interactive white boards. With everyone loving the boards so much, students will jump at every chance to use the board. Interactive Whiteboards make kids want to learn. It makes them more willing to listen and focus on the lesson. Fifty years ago, classrooms didn’t have this kind of technology. Classrooms only had black boards or white boards. (Bell ) In 1992, Intel Corporation became an investor in the idea of Smart Boards. At first, not many people thought of them as a good idea, but slowly people became more used to the idea. Since then, more than 100,000 Smart Boards have been produced and sold. Since they were first produced, there have been many advances in technology, thus creating more variations of the Smart Board. The earliest models were front projection boards, rear projection boards, in-wall rear projection boards, the SMART notebook, and other useful software. ("Wikibooks.Org") Since advances in technology have been made, the more recent models include the SMART Recorder, meeting productivity software, a wireless slate, the Senteo response system, SMART camera, and the 600i interactive system. The average price for SMART Board ranges around
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