How Technology Changed Music

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Won Ho AMST 3020-090 Schacht Final Paper How Technology Changed Music John Covach, the author of What’s That Sound, distinguishes the cultural elements of pop-culture/music within four distinct categories: social, race, business, and technology. Without a doubt, all four of these traits within pop-culture have been evolving and changing ever since the emergence of any pop-culture. The cultural themes of the always-changing society, business, and technology have indefinitely changed pop-culture and vice-versa. In my essay, I want to discuss how the technology and the evolution of technology affected the growth and modernization of popular music. Undoubtedly, the most important technological achievement for the music industry was…show more content…
But even cassette tapes had their time frame. By mid 1980’s, the compact disc had taken over. In 1982, Japan invented the CD and it only took less than a year for it to arrive in America. The first American CD recording release was Billy Joel’s “52nd Street” and people preferred the CD recording over vinyl and cassette for a reason (Amale16). Like technological advances have shown for any other market, it proves to be also correct for the music industry – they improve and change, because they are, for the majority, better! The quality of the recordings on CDs were superb compared to vinyl’s or tapes, they were even more compact and space saving, and plus you could even store more memory (time/songs) on one disc. And this is why it only took America three years for CDs to overtake LPs in the music-recording market. Funny enough, even CDs today are slowly fading away from society as digital formats and players are taking over. Apple’s release of the iPod in 2001 was a game changer for the music industry. It was now possible to store over a 1,000 songs on a device that weighed similar to a deck of cards. As of 2011, digital file formats such as mp3’s that are transferrable to small music players are now the industry standard. As widely “petite” music recording formats have become during the past century, it’s mind boggling to even think where technology will take us next. But like I’ve mentioned
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