How Technology Changed The World Interacts With Mobile Devices

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Communication has evolved immensely over the span of the past couple of years. This evolution has been sustained by manufacturing companies establishing a competitive market for their products. From the smart phone to the iPhone, phone communication has really taken up an ‘all-things-digital’ approach that has transformed how the world interacts with mobile devices. The current focus on quick evolving methods to upgrade these communications devices poses a threat to Apple’s Iphone. Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs are household names throughout the globe. According to Kolah(2013) Steve Jobs was not only influencing, but also had great selling skills. Inspired by a multi-touch display in early 2000, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone (Ritchie, 2015b). This phone introduced irresistible competition to the likes of BlackBerry that appeared point-blank primitive. Apple’s iPhone had an outstanding industrial design integrating mostly aluminum and scratch resistant glass. Furthermore, Apple’s iPhone introduced the innovative touch screen terminating the reign of styluses or trackballs, and introducing to users techniques such swiping, pinching, and scrolling using their fingers (Ritchie, 2015a; Price, 2015). Though, these advancements have carried Apple’s Iphone, they have been adopted and enhanced by other competitors. The slow advancement of the Apple Iphone have carried weight in the market, however, the rapid advancement of other companies have been detrimental to Apples
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