How Technology Changing The Self And Social Relations

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Jongseok Kim Sociology 130 Professor Anderson T. 11 September 2014 “How is Technology Changing the Self and Social Relations?” The role of technological advancements is constantly influencing in the transformation of the self and social relations. The usage of technology has both positively and negatively affected individuals especially in our modern society. Through the advancement of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, the continuous development and popularity of social networking sites, and the growing number of users of various ages, our society has become convenient yet obsessive and lethargic than many years prior to our generation. It seems we cannot live a day without smartphones, without Internet, without mp3 players, and without cars. As our life becomes more dependent and reliant on technology, we become accustomed to such behavior of using technology habitually; and without these, we would be breaking our current patterns of living, thus making ourselves psychologically unstable in terms of feeling anxious and obsessed. Hence, though our means of communication might have become more convenient, it seems our face-to-face interaction and human communication skills have worsened in terms of social relations. As Mansfield notes, “Our present anxiety about technology defines the new and coming as the fulcrum of some unforeseen change which may lead to an irreversible dehumanisation” (Mansfield 148). Earlier this month of 2014, Queen
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