How Technology Enters The Picture

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A considerable portion of the defense budget is spent on training personnel to operate and maintain highly complex equipment. In the austere environment that the military operates in, this presents shortfalls in maintenance. In order to combat this and in an attempt to maintain and adapt DoD equipment in the face of long logistical supply chains, the DoD deploys machine shops, weld shops and other fabrication capabilities in-theater. However, due to lack of design information, manufacturing technology and limited engineering design expertise these capabilities are limited and only provide a small percentage of repair parts that are needed to maintain these complex systems (DARPA 2013). This is where technology enters the picture. Technology is a fast approaching train that threatens a dependency on industries and civilian innovation to take our military to the next phase of warfighting evolution. However, another train, the money train, is coming to a screeching halt and as our government continues to search for ways to reduce our federal deficit, we must look for ways to innovate with as little resources as possible. One of the tenets of the Commandants guidance is modernizing the force, especially by leveraging new and evolving technologies (Move to Contact), and a question that some of us maybe asking is, does the Marine Corps have the type of people to leverage technology and in turn offer innovation? If you ask that question to your fellow Marines, you just might be
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