How Technology Has Become A Universal Value

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As I wait outside the Apple Store for my dad to find a parking space, my impatience grows. The sun beats down on me, causing beads of sweat to trickle down my forehead. I gaze longingly at the crowded store, itching to go inside. When someone mentions the word “apple,” the fruit is no longer the first thing that comes to mind. Millions have seen the iconic logo, and the love of technology has become a universal value. I’ve been here a thousand times, each time better than the last, resulting with me always looking forward to the next visit. I look on as a boy, decked out in a baseball uniform, runs down the street, screaming for his parents to catch up as he rushes into the store. I witness an elderly couple leave, with a look of awe, wonder, and slight confusion on both of their faces, after their experience with the newest and most innovative technology. Eager to get my birthday present, a laptop, I survey the bustling streets for my dad, wondering what could be taking him so long. Tapping my foot against the dirty sidewalk, I see people exit the store with bags filled with their newest prized possession, and a smile stretches across my face, knowing that is soon to be me. The loud honking and screeching tires of two black Range Rovers snaps me out of my trance. The minutes feel like hours, until finally, I see my dad’s tall and slender figure in the crowd. I hurry over to him, urging him to walk faster to the entrance. Pushing the immaculate, glass doors open, I rush into
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