How Technology Has Become Increasingly Globalized And Is Now A Key Utility

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Technology has become increasingly globalized and is now a key utility that is both easily accessible and convenient in daily life. With the added perpetual use of the Internet, many people blindly trust their familiar devices and have little to no reluctance about exposing their personal information online. What many fail to recognize is that tech companies—such as Facebook and Google—track their online activity and are incessantly storing and selling their information. A user may also willingly offer their information to these companies when they ask for it under the guise of personalizing the user’s experience. Often times the user’s information is sold to feature advertisements that are tailored to them, however, the tracking and mass…show more content…
“Evidon, the company that makes, Ghostery, takes some of the data it collects from Ghostery users—there are eight million of them—and sells it to advertisers” (Silverman, 297). These companies are claiming to do something for the better of the user but in reality, these companies have hidden motives and are tracking users under the premise of helping users increase their control over their privacy. Ultimately these types of companies are further reducing user privacy security and are the ones to blame at large for both the endangerment of users’ privacy and the diminishing control users have over their privacy. Although users should take the initiative to advance their knowledge or implement methods of security to protect their information, users do not have much control over their privacy, even when they incorporate methods to enhance the security of their privacy. One of the methods that are used to track users would be through cookies. According to Elizabeth Weise’s article in the USA Today, “75% of the world 's most popular websites track users”, “Third parties can use this simple tracking mechanism to identify who someone is by storing a cookie in a user’s browser.” The cookie would contain a unique identifier and interests of a user that companies can reference to build a browsing profile for each user. These profiles show what

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