How Technology Has Brought Internet

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The development of technology has brought Internet to become the mass communication media between people or companies. Through Internet, people can communicate with other people in various places. Companies can get many advantages by using Internet network to support their business. Therefore, companies are trying as hard as they can, and give high effort in protecting their network from attack and make sure that they have the best network security.
Most people think that the threat of security attack is only come from outside the company. In fact, the attack from inside the company network is more harmful with high frequency to be happened. As written by Cryptek (2001), which based the argument from some articles, that
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All of the facilities boost up the use of corporate LAN increase, which resulted the increase of internal security threats, vulnerabilities to be attack by either outside or inside intruders.
As written in Cryptek (2001), there are some problems make the inside network security is vulnerable from attack such as: the server operating systems and the password protection on most corporate network is sometimes do not work well. Moreover, the router access controls are often not enough secure and many the network systems are not perfect configured, which enable illegal outsiders enter the company network. It means that the main cause of inside attack is the ineffective network security. They only focus with developing firewall, and they forget that firewall can’t effectively protect the network, if the intruders are come from inside the network, such as employee or other authorized users.
As explained in the article written by NetMaster (2000), in the Ciscoworld Magazine: “Firewall are not a protection against everything, but generally they will protect against unauthenticated interactive access from the “outside” “. From the description, we know that the function of the firewall is more to protect the company network from outside attack. Firewall are not
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