How Technology Has Caused The Democratization Of The Music Industry

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How advances in technology have caused the democratization of the music industry. Imagine you 're scrolling through Facebook. You click on a video and like the song that is playing in the background. The comment section links you directly to the band 's website. Now, imagine you are driving in your car. You switch on the radio to your favorite radio station and Voilà: instant access to new, popular music. Maybe you are a rule breaker and you visit torrent sites to illegally download music. Whatever the case, we all listen to music every day. When is the last time you stopped to think about what it took for that music to reach you? Thinking about what a song means or what the artist’s inspiration was is easy, but what about the recording process or distribution? So much goes into the musical process that we don 't see. New technology, along with increased internet use, has begun affecting these processes to give you the musical experiences you know and love. We play music to our children their entire lives, sometimes even starting in the womb. Astronomical progress of technology in the 20th century has allowed better access to music, as well as furtherance in music instruction. (Kirk, Hunt). Technology is not only responsible for a change in how we receive music, but also for a change in the music itself. With the growing popularity of digital music, it is no wonder that everyone suddenly wants to be a musician , and now anyone can educate themselves to do so.

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