How Technology Has Changed Children

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Technology has changed children over the past ten years. Before technology children were playing outside, building forts, making up games, playing with real toys and not virtual. However, there was cable and internet, it worked very slow and there was no such thing as Google, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. Today technology has changed children by having them become anti-social and disconnected from the world outside of them. Children today have learned to adapt to the technology around them, thus making it easier for them to be less active outdoors than before. Children 's Outdoor activities were created by companies to help children be active and learn teamwork skills. For example soccer, basketball, baseball, and football have it so that children in the city or country can participate in outdoor fun and help them to become social and a good team member. This has helped because it gets the children out of the house and off electronics. Outdoor activities were also created to help children create friendships, memories, and conversations that they will have for a lifetime. However, people do not see the good that comes out of having a child in extracurricular activities or they do not want their children to break a bone. This leaves the child board and they sit on the couch and watch T.V. and play with their gadgets. Thus making the brain not function properly and they want to eat food. Is child obesity a big epidemic in the United States? Well yes, it is. The

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