How Technology Has Changed How Professionals Communicate And Network

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Everyone has heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” While it is a combination of the two that lands you the job you are coveting, networking is one of the most important tools during job searching and recruiting and it cannot be undervalued. LinkedIn, a company founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman, has revolutionized and changed how professionals communicate and network. Hoffman created LinkedIn in 2002 in Silicon Valley, California, a place now synonymous with tech start-ups worth millions or more. In just six years, LinkedIn has grown substantially and is now utilized in “more than 200 countries and [by] executives from every Fortune 500 company.” Starting out, Hoffman personally financed and bankrolled his…show more content…
LinkedIn has helped revolutionize how job searching and hiring is conducted. Employers can now view a complete profile of you, your work experience, and your professional career. The profile you create is open for everyone to see, which can be both helpful or harmful depending on what you choose to put on display. Essentially, LinkedIn is your resume and profile online for all to see. While job-search sites do this as well, LinkedIn saves companies thousands of dollars by displaying all applicants’ information for free. With LinkedIn, you have access to hiring, reference checking, customer leads, affiliations, open jobs, and international contacts. Hiring has never been more accessible, as you are now able to “connect to references, view a list of people with similar backgrounds, identify people in your industry or even specific companies.” Reference checking, a process that could take a longer period of time to complete, is now readily available for companies to view and access almost immediately. Rather than becoming bogged down by cold calls, LinkedIn offers potential customer leads, which has resulted in a salesperson being able to identify “potential customer, find who else in their network has contacts within the company or better yet knows the person your salesperson wants to meet and ask for an introduction.” Your affiliations that you have listed on your profile, or people you know, are a
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