How Technology Has Changed Modern Society

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Today as individuals we have many privileges, rights, and freedoms that have not existed in the past. In modern society, many things are handed to us where as in the traditional society people had to work very hard and face many hurdles in order to do everyday tasks. The technology has changed drastically from back then to now present year’s new technology and devices are constantly being created to make our lives easier. However in the traditional society people had only a few options of ways to communicate with each other. Modern culture seems to be influenced a lot by social media and whatever the new current trend is. Whereas traditional culture is more conservative followed by morals and religious practices. Prices of housing living and food have all increased fairly in our modern day society. Decades ago people did not have many expenses to account, for now, we have daycares all kinds of insurance payments and tuition to try to afford. When you compare modern day society with the way traditional society was you can see some major differences.

Technology has been around for many years and throughout those years it 's advancing. Both modern and traditional technology is viewed in different but our similar is some ways.Technology is the use of tools and machine to get the job done. Modern technology is just an advanced version of the traditional technology. For instance, the gadgets we use today like a smartphone is just an advanced version of the mobile phone that
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