How Technology Has Changed My Life

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For me, and well for everyone else my age has grown up with technology at their disposal. It is everywhere now. I started using technology when I was six years old, and I fell in love with it. I knew from there on out I was going to grow up using and studying the works of it. The very first piece of technology I have ever used was a desktop computer in 2002. I obtained this item from my grandfather that was into technology at the time also; he wanted to pass down information to me. Being able to grow up with something so sophisticated has been just amazing. Using that computer I have received really got my attention. I started using it for more than five hours a day. At that time I had very few responsibilities and so I was on that device for more than half of my free time; instead of playing with friends I would go on the program “paint” and play around with that. To me it was rather more enjoyable than going outside and riding a bike or playing sports. Now that I am using technology where ever I go seems to be very impressive to me. I am now able to learn more than what I could’ve learned without it. For an example, if there were no translators I wouldn’t be able to speak to others that didn’t know how to speak English. Going to school and knowing how to use a computer or a phone seemed to be a pretty big deal. Growing up and using them in Elementary School was beneficial because when we used to go to the computer lab and play games I would have no issues getting to
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