How Technology Has Changed Our Generation

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Move over Generation X and Baby Boomers, the Millennials are marching through and equipped with top of the line technology and...smaller brains? According to Mark Bauerlein, Generation Y (another word for the Millennials) are the dumbest generation to boot. He claims the easy access to technology has made the generation less likely to concretely grasp information. However, bringing up new technology and theorizing that it results in dumber minds is a complete oxymoron, an unbelievable belief! The current generation may have faults of their own, but despite what Bauerlein has asserted, this generation is nowhere near the dumbest. Technology has allowed people to plug out and act like a person whom they aren’t when in face-to-face situations. What this means, is that our generation is becoming less socially capable, but what this does not indicate is that the generation is the dumbest. In fact, IQ rates have increased since 2003. This includes countries that actually measure them, like the United States of America (Source 2). It is truly baffling that Bauerlein can make an accusation when the facts, such as IQ scores, are sitting right there in front of him. Interestingly enough, not only have IQ rates raised in the recent years, according to a professor of writing and rhetoric at Stanford University, Andrea Lunsford, literacy has expanded and traveled on an upward swing. According to Lunsford, ‘we’re in the midst of a literacy revolution..’ (Source 7). The creation of
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