How Technology Has Changed Our Life Cycle

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An era in which primary wants have risen along as primary needs have vanished. Society has pushed us to require unnecessary products that business are provide us with. And while time passes by we increasingly need more and more comfort. But is there a possible way to keep up with it? From a linguistically point of view the term planned obsolesce is made up of two words; planned and obsolesces – a plan is a detailed proposal of doing or achieving something while obsolesces refers to becoming obsolete or falling into disuse. All together it stands for the strategy of which the obsolescence of a certain product is designed to make consumers throw it away. Planned obsolescence has defined the way we are since the 1920’s (research/quote/name) when products life cycle started to be shorter in order to increase sales. Designers took over a new objective – use and discard. Now adays manufacturers are the ones in charge in caring out the plan and making sure it has a slight defective consumers. However it isn’t only about designing an inefficient products but it is also about manipulating consumers so that they will be willing to buy new products often. In the 1950’s designers discussed how short they could make products last and still have consumers going to buy it (research/quote/name), back in that time, it was somehow court that products with no lasting function had a short lifestyle however nowadays products such as televisions, laptops, phones etc are starting to be
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