How Technology Has Changed Our Life

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The recent changes in technology has been vast comparatively to any other decade. We have come a long way from riding around on horses to modern self-driving cars (Google,2015). From cordless to smart phones. The technology has completely changed the lifestyle of a day-to-day routine. At the moment we are able to do almost everything on a 5” inch touchscreen that would require basically a whole desktop PC just a decade ago or so. Considering that we have come to the tech era, how difficult is it for the older generation to cope up with the digital living. Or how the young generation has adapted to the tech digital life completely in areas such as Business Management. This paper solely concentrates on the generational gap, older generation viewed as digital tourist and younger generation adapting the digital life, various aspects including business management. Use of Technology Firstly, we need to understand how technology is important in the digital era as of today. To make It more precise we will concentrate on the business management use to technology. A business will require storage devices. Software’s such as excel spreadsheet workbooks to keep data records of incoming and outgoing sales or accounting software to calculate payroll of the employees of the business or company, all of which will require a computer which has a storage device on it. A business biggest strength to reach new customers is advertising or marketing. As the internet is taking over the world,
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