How Technology Has Changed Our Life

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Ever wonder if you should unplug more often from your electronic devices? People hear the words “unplug” and “technology” in the same sentence, instantly it causes them to be startled or uneasy by just the simple thought of staying away from technology, but we can actually gain a lot from this. Sure, it has improved our life, but there are always two sides of the story. Personally, I waste rather than save time whenever i 'm on the Web because time seems to go so fast and one does not even realize it. Is it possible that technology has become such a common part of our life that it’s seen as a very difficult tasks for us to not use it, no wonder our parents take our electronic away when we’re grounded. Sadly, it’s true, society as a whole seems to feel anxious when they can’t be checking their social media. For the most part, as soon as anyone hears the “ding” they turn their heads towards their cell phone to instantly reply, but would it be a good idea if we took a break? Although, it has some downfalls, the internet allows us to perform many tasks for example, writing a research report or listen to the latest justin bieber song. So are we taking the internet for granted and not acknowledging everything it does for us, or are we taking advantage of it by overusing it? Technology is seen as a method that helps everyone from all around the world to stay in touch with their significant others, but Tanya Schevitz, who is a spokesperson for, “Reboot’s National Day of
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