How Technology Has Changed Our Life

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Everyday for the past nine years of my life I have slowly been letting technology brainwash me. It all started with my first cell phone in fourth grade, the phone was a gift and it was just another toy to play with. At the time cell phones did not do much and had little purpose for a fourth grader. Similarly to a drug, I used the cell phone periodically, but as time progressed and the product quality increased I started getting addicted. This is not only for cell phones but with every piece of technology like televisions, computers, tablets, and many more ingenious pieces of technology that are on the market today. The point is, no one is just living anymore, but practically digitally living where technology is now a crutch, it is addicting, and more than anything it is powerful. When a patient breaks an arm, he or she gets a cast to aid the bone to heal, with a broken leg a crutch is needed to walk, with life technology is needed to get people through the day. In elementary school teachers teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and long dividing because this should be a common skill to possess. Along with reading, writing, and even researching that should be daily practices and now have been outsourced. Such simple tasks have been given a new meaning and level of skill that it is a joke to most. When at a restaurant and a family is trying to figure out a tip the mom will use her phone 's calculator to do the math. Or a high schooler is to lazy to read so he or she
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