How Technology Has Changed Our Life

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One of the most important part of our modern activity is the use of technology in all the aspects of our life form Sciences, Engineering to daily life. Nowadays, technology is replacing human in many fields. In Medicine, Makoplasty, Robodoc and Da Vinci are the most famous medical robots that are acting like as real doctors. There is no doubt about the improvement that technology has brought to the life of modern “Men” tremendously that some people have started spreading the idea that Technology can excellently take over Teachers in classrooms. However, Technology can’t effectively replace teachers in the class room because it can’t teach socialization, interact with students individually and it is not reliable. First of all, Reducing Teachers to a role of knowledge transmitter is far away from the job teachers are actually doing. They are teaching socialization as George Washington Carver says “all learning is understanding relationships”. Teachers teach morals, wisdom and social skills with their experiences and emotions. Students can relate to their teacher’s experiences and can learn from it. It’s take a person to share feelings which the students that they will comprehend and improve on their learning. Rita Pierson who spent her entire life in or around the classroom, having followed both her parents and grandparents into a career as an educator talked about how by developing a good relationship -based on respect and considering all the issues the students face-with
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