How Technology Has Changed Our Life Quality

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We human being have had many inventions since ancient, which makes us evolve further. More directly, the inventions improve our life quality. One of the most crucial inventions is the vehicle. The initial vehicles were undeveloped. Vehicles ran very slowly, and they were fragile. Nevertheless, only the super rich people could afford a car before third technical innovation. Today a car is an ordinary commodity in many countries particularly developed countries. Ultimately, engineers are still looking for more advanced vehicle technique such as green energy and more effective engine, which is thought by someone unnecessary for people’s daily use. For the sake of safety, the vast majority of the world has speed limits for highways. However, there is an exception in Germany. This developed country located in West Europe distinctively has no or few speed limits for most highways in its realm. Somebody praises this policy and proposes that such a policy of no speed limits for highways should be spread worldwide. While others who are conservative keep opposite because of fuel consumption, pollution, and safety. Although car emission contributes a lot to the entire pollution in the world, with a high fuel taxation policy and ensured traffic safety by car and highway quality, speed limits for highways are not indispensable. The very concern about speed limits for highways is safety. People anticipate that if there is no speed limit on all the highways, the highways will be
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