How Technology Has Changed Our Lives And Interactions With Our Peers Essay

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As adolescents and adults growing up during the advent of the new Millennium we have ourselves been privy to many of technological advancements. A slew of devices and modern conveniences have become integral parts of our day to day lives and have for the most part been a welcome addition to our lives. Of these various modern conveniences we have witnessed and in a sense played a role in the evolution of communication by way of smartphones and the Internet. A key component of this change is the manifestation and development of social networking and the various outlets that are its counterparts. Websites that have essentially become mainstays of our day to day lives and outlets for our thoughts and feelings such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like have played a crucial role in the redefining of social norms in many spheres of our lives and interactions with our peers.
The far reaching effects of such changes are innumerable but constantly prevalent. Whether it be through the changes to our romantic lives by ways of dating applications the likes of Tinder. Or through the dramatic recent changes to the political climate of the nation by way of social media 's integration into the aforementioned political process. It can be postulated with nary a doubt that we are in the midst of a social and cultural revolution, one that is propagated by these changes in our means to communicate and socialize with the world at large.
This has left numerous questions in regard to how
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