How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Technology Technology is defined as machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. Its original use was meant solely for the service of humans, however overtime it has evolved into something much different. What was originally meant to be an assisting piece of machinery has changed almost every aspect of our culture. The way we think, communicate, lie, and even love has been impacted by the use of technology, and all of this is has made for interesting pieces of literature. In pieces such as Her and I, Robot, we see the evolution of robots and artificial intelligence into a more empathetic and humanlike creatures. This gradual change in our views of robots overtime speaks volumes to the evolution of technology. Technology in literature has become a reflection of human beings themselves, mirroring the very qualities of ourselves that make us human. By looking at the personality that technology takes on in literature, we can greater understand the aspects of ourselves that truly make us human. Emotional intelligence and stability are often viewed as two core aspects of what makes us human. Our ability to stay calm in certain situations and to see the bigger picture in regards to what is best for our loved ones as well as ourselves is pivotal to not only survival, but to success in the real world. A major step in a child’s growth is their development of empathy at the age of five. In Her, we see Samantha develop this over the movie, but

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