How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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My typical morning begins with turning off the alarm on my cell phone and immediately checking my notifications— texts, emails, status updates, instant messages, etc. Then it’s time for me to actually get up and get ready for the day— wash up, eat, and leave for whatever is needed to be done for the day. I walk to the elevator, wait, and check Twitter. As I walk to school, I go onto Snapchat and snap a photo of my campus with the locations filter tag, sending it to everyone I know. Whatever time I have to spare, I tend to check any social media app for updates. Looking at my surroundings, it is not just me. I see the general public constantly checking their smartphones or tablets when they have the time to. What technology has done for my generation has us hooked onto the internet. Sure having all these advancements in technology is beneficial and adds a bit of fun to our lives, but it is preventing us from really connecting with the world. Technology has changed our lives by giving us the ability to do work within a short span of time. With the new gadgets and applications we have now, they are essentially today’s advancements to the old school newspapers and home phones. They are constantly changing and becoming more and more convenient for everyone. For example, the global news helps inform people from all over the world with what is happening today in an instant. Rather than having to send letters out and waiting days for a response, you can just make phone calls, send
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