How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Introduction Today a lot of people use technology such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to get information, to buy something, and to communicate with family and friends. Since technology has been developed, people’s lives have also been changed. One of the examples is that many companies have started to sell their products through the Internet and customers look for goods and buy them on the Internet. Before technology was developed, people had to go to stores to purchase products. However, we can look for and purchase products whenever and wherever we want now. Shopping has become more convenient. I also often use technology to buy products, especially flight tickets. Since I came to the United States, whenever I go traveling or go back to Japan during breaks, I used an online travel agency, Expedia, to purchase my flight tickets. This is because it is very convenient. I can search and reserve my flight quickly. Usually, I do not have any problem with Expedia, but I had trouble with it because of technology during this spring break. I think that if humans operated the service, the problem did not happen.

My Ineffective Service Technology experience During this spring break, I went to Florida with my family. At first, I booked my round trip flight tickets from Omaha to Orlando and from Orlando to Omaha through the Internet with Expedia. However, the day before I left for Orlando, I realized that my car’s condition was not great to go to the Omaha airport. The time

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