How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Who runs who?
The world we live in today is changing fast, due to the introduction and the advance of technology, it has improved modern life in many different ways. When you wake up what’s the first thing you do? You turn off the alarm off or hit snooze button on your phone. What’s next? The T.V., radio, or microwave, just think how many things throughout the day we use that involves using technology. We have based our lives around the use of technology. Yes, it’s good and has made our life’s easier, but it has also caused many problems that have been over viewed. Everything we need to do involves us using technology. Technology has taken over our life’s, as explained in “Technology: Do We Control It or Does It Control Us?”. After reading and analyzing it, I agree with it.
Technology in this era has grown in extreme amount, as well as improved. From just having a house phone to the whole family having a cellphone. Now days even kids in elementary school have cellphones, many don’t use them just for important purposes. Instead they are used to play games or get on the web. I know this because I did it. As a kid I would rather play on my computer or play video games rather than go outside and play with my friends. Technology didn’t do this to just me it did it to millions of other kids. This causes kids to shelter themselves instead of getting the amount playing time or exercises that a healthy child should. Technology has been used in many good ways as well as in bad

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