How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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In our ever-evolving world, we have seen the emergence of technology in all aspects of our lives. People use technology as a form of entertainment, as a tool to help them communicate with other people, to help them monitor their health and as a tool to help them enhance their work. When out in public, it is common to see numerous people using some form of technologic device. While at the mall, it is common to see people talking on their phones, texting people or posting on their social network sites. At a doctor’s offices you will likely see people playing on their tablets or using their cell phones, and it is even common practice to see these devices being used by people who are working out at the gym. Although technology has been embraced in many areas of society, there are still some areas that resist it. Oliver, Osa & Walker explain that “While society in general has embraced 21st century technology innovations for daily living, a gap remains in the understanding of appropriate uses for technology in the learning environment (Banister & Ross, 2006)” (2012). Unfortunately, instructional technologies have not been utilized to their full potential. The focus of this essay is to show that instructional technologies should be integrated into the classroom because when they are used appropriately, they can have a positive impact on student achievement. Throughout this essay the ideas of leading advocates of integrating technology into the classroom will be discussed. These

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