How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Information technology has become a critical aspect and central part of every business today. An effective IT system is a very important part that is comprised of several different functional elements and each of these must work properly so that the system run as smoothly as possible. This paper will discuss the five core technologies in an effective IT system and how they interact with one another. The five core technologies include, Computer Programs and Programming, Computer Networks, Databases, Information Assurance, and Web Technologies.
New technologies have caused a shift in our culture in many ways. The way we consume news, listen to music, watch movies, and even how we purchase everyday items. As technology changes so will our culture and communication and it is important that we continue to improve on them. Many of the advancements in technology have changed our way of life for the better. Learning how to construct a computer program is almost like learning a foreign language and the more you practice the better at it you become. Learning how to program inspires creativity and the power to impact the world. Computer programming involves developing lists of instructions often referred to as a code or coding. Computer programs can develop video games, graphics and animations and even allow students to attend class via online. Programing involves skilled attention to detail. Programmers can also rewrite, debug, maintain and test (and retest and retest) software and

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