How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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The friendship with technology today can be called a “Time Hog” Technology is our friend. That is a statement that could be addressed with many questions. How we used technology today has really affected our lives. People are connected every moment of the day. Everywhere we look there are people talking on their cell phones; at every stop light you see people texting on their device. The same people can be seen checking their phone or browsing the web at every chance they get. People are wasting enormous amounts of time staying connected with technology. The technology today has an impact on how we spend our time, and it is astonishing how people are wasting it. According to the article by Jayson-Demers (2014), there are 292.8 million plus active wireless connections in the United States. Currently there are 3.3 billion phones throughout the world (D. Bobinski, 2011). That number is growing by the minute. More and more people talking, texting, reading, and playing games, and continuously browsing the internet on cellphones. The stats are quite alarming when we think about them. The average employee will spend 30 minutes a day on his/her cell phone (Jayson-Demers, 2014). This time adds up to be 130 hours each year of wasted time. In addition, statistics compiled in 2011stated that the average cellphone user checks their phone 110 times per day (D. Bobinski, 2011). The article further states (D. Bobinski) that is was also discovered that 80 percent of employees have

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