How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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In an ever-changing society, there is always pressure to accomplish tasks faster. People every day seek to make their lives simpler, live more efficiently, and in turn get more out of the day. Such emerging technologies have helped us make things easier on us in everyday life. When is the last time you saw an infomercial and thought hey I could use that? Consequently, communication has changed and is constantly changing, accelerating the world around us. Just think about how far we have come, and has ever-changed our pace of life. Technology is fueling our way of life, making everyday tasks faster and easier to do. In turn, this gives us more time to do more with the time in the day. Pace of life studies have been used to analyze groups of people. In some form, people’s lives are measured by how quickly they move in society. For example, Professor Richard Wiseman, along with the British council, conducted an experiment where they measure the walking speed of people. This was performed in various areas around the globe to give an accurate portrayal for the pace of life in a city. The study showed that from the 1990s to today, some cities have increased their pace of walking by a substantial margin. Singapore being at the top with a 30% increase. The fastest pace of life in the study was Japan and western countries of Europe. In other words, the more developed the country, the faster their pace of life is going to be. As a result, the slowest was found in underdeveloped

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