How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Technology has come a long way since the days in which people considered the radio a phenomenon, but advancement is not always positive. The human species has always thrived on human interaction; positive relationships are paramount to the quality of life. Although technology has altered the way we, as a species, interact and work, it has brought about more negatives than positives. The multitasking ability the technology of today has granted people has separated us from our real life situations, such as family and friend relationships. With technology generation M, the multitasking generation, has become lethargic, and reliant on relationships that are built on weak virtual foundations. Generation M has been brought up in an era of digital electronics— computers, tablets, and smart phones— multitasking can be done without having to get up. This generation would rather sit and use electronics for hours instead of getting outside and exploring. According to Richard Woods, “ Children today are multitasking left, right and center-downloading tracks, uploading photos…They find sitting down and reading, even watching TV, too slow and boring” (Woods, 71). Multitasking on electronics is a new form of leisure. Time of leisure should be spent by going out and living; instead, this time is being spent on electronics causing this generation to be lazy and less active. Because technology allows us to do many things with the click/or touch of a fingertip, people in generation M do not

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