How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Many people don’t ever think twice about posting their personal information online. They enjoy using many features that are made available to them on social media. Including tagging their location, posting pictures of themselves, and filling in their bio and profile with information about them. Technology has grown into something that is so easily accessible and convenient. One can now shop from the leisure of their home without ever moving from their sofa or changing out of their pajamas. What many people don’t know is that tech companies such as Facebook and Google track their online activity and are constantly storing and selling their information. A user may also willingly offer their information to these companies when they ask for it …show more content…

Third party sites then use the user’s interests to build a browsing profile for each user. According to an article from the Jordan Times, “75 per cent of the world 's most popular websites track users”, these browsing profiles don’t directly include a user’s name, however “they do include information of interest to advertisers...a profile might show that USER1234 frequently visits sites about guitars, probably lives in Kansas, has looked at ads for amplifiers, buys dog food...and has searched for information about cement shingles.” These profiles show what kinds of sites the user visits but there are tracking companies dedicated toward gathering intel from people’s public social media profiles and their browsing profiles to store and sell the info they’ve gathered to another company. The dangerous side of tracking was proved when a certain tracking company was tracking the movements of activists and people who wanted to participate in a black lives matter protest. Twitter and Instagram had granted permission to this tracking company as long as the profiles were public and none of their terms of service were violated. The tracking company then sold the information it gathered to a local law enforcement agency in Chicago. None of these people were doing anything wrong and didn’t necessarily have

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