How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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center becomes more than a center but also an example of how well a structure can be integrated into the landscape, creating another reason for people to visit the garden. Current society and culture has become more interested in environmentalism and sustainability, with the help from many large entities and grassroots movements. This trend has helped the rise of designed sustainable buildings and landscapes become more prevalent in the public realm. Places such as the Botanical Gardens usually are advocates for environmentalism since they are popular public places and have a strong connection with the environment. This, along with better understanding of how our world and rise in technology, has helped designers be able to create sustainable designs. As more designers, from architects to furniture designer, advocate for environmentalism through their work, it becomes more realistic to have sustainable design become part of our daily lives. The visitor center’s function as a gateway to the gardens is accomplished by working closely with the landscape and organic form. From the street it has an open urban attractiveness that then transforms as the visitors walk in. As they go through the center they curiously flow through to try to get a full look of the center and discover the various views it provides. (See figure 6) The center then keeps the visitors moving through it naturalinear pathways that lead them to the various gardens sections the visitor center provide access

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