How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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A few centuries ago, before technology was underdeveloped due to limited resources and knowledge, communication between countries on the opposite end of the world was extremely slow or not possible. Most people did not know much about other lands, people, and cultures. What people thought they knew about the world was often wrong or inaccurate. However, within the past hundred years, the pace of our technology has accelerated rapidly. Nowadays traveling across the globe in less than 24 hours is not a dream anymore. Communications between two distant individuals are only a click away. Technology has changed the way how we interact with the world drastically and it is one of the key ingredients that mankind cannot live without. As American critic and writer, Joseph Krutch states “Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable(Krutch). But what is technology? To me, technology is anything that is revolutionary and enhances our everyday life, such as agriculture, health care, and factories. And by revolutionary, I am referring to anything that has a major impact on a human society. That being said then domestication of plants and animals and the emergence of cites will therefore be under the category of technology because they both had a major impact on human society. The domestication of plants and animals has a direct correlation to the emergence of cities because it lies as a foundation in order for a complex society to form.

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