How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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I grew up in a world where 10-year-olds get their first smartphone and where babies are exposed to the Internet immediately through YouTube videos of Sesame Street or Baby Mozart Music. The Internet has become more than just a luxury but a necessity. It has become second nature to us all. When we cannot think of a word, we search for it on Google. When we need to find the fastest route back home, we look to our smartphones. When I was only six years old, I began writing poetry and sharing it online on a blog. Since then, blogging has become the norm. The Internet has become an integral part of people 's day to day lives. Not only has technology evolved, but people have evolved along with it.
The Internet has an unparalleled amount of information unavailable anywhere else. It has become an easy place to look for anything. The World Wide Web has made me accustomed to a tremendous amount of information in short bursts at once. I am able to stare at a screen while processing information from several sources like homework, music, Social Media, etc. During assignments that require long passages to read, I find myself using Ctrl+F (control+find) to find exactly what I need in a document as opposed to reading it completely. It has made it difficult for myself and my peers to simply read a large piece of text. Throughout the day, I am exposed to fun, interactive online quizzes and comedic Cliff Notes in the form of a video which is more engaging and visually stimulating than
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