How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Forever

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It is sad to know that the leading cause of accidents in the United States is distraction while driving, something that cannot happen to a computer. It is also scary to know that human driven vehicles come at a very higher cost in terms of danger. Engineers have developed a new and innovative technology that is capable to decrease that number and change our lives forever. This technology is being specifically applied to cars and they are being called “autonomous cars”. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, autonomous means “acting independently or having the freedom to do so”. Tesla Motors Company has made itself the pioneer in this technology by being the first company in the world to create two autonomous car models that are able to…show more content…
The main purpose of this innovative idea is to provide more safety, relief traffic jams, and conveniently save time for drivers. The technology is ready, but is our species ready for it? Is it a good idea to already put this autonomous vehicles on public roads and highways? One of the positive things about these autonomous cars is how much safety they provide. Plenty of studies, tests, and experiments have been done with the autonomous cars to account for their safety. Matthias Althoff and John Dolan, two graduated engineers, conducted a deep research on the Cadillac SRX and concluded that “based on the reachable set computation, the following tasks are verified: A standstill in a safe position at the end of the planned maneuver is realized, road boundaries are never violated, collisions with static obstacles are avoided, and collisions with other traffic participants are avoided” (Althoff, 13). They proved that the cars’ computers can determine distance from another car, appropriate stopping distance, and other data that decreases the chances of car accidents dramatically. They tested a real prototype of the car and all the details, features, and mechanic characteristics were provided by Cadillac. They ended giving the car a five-star rating in safety, which is the highest. Joe Harpaz, a journalist for
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