How Technology Has Changed Our Lives More Comfortable And Easy

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Technology has provided people the tool to make our lives more comfortable and easy. Computers have been one of the most popular developments of technology. Today computers are very common and most people can have access to one. Computers give people the possibility to access the Internet and socialize with people around the world. The most popular networking websites are: My space, Face book, Twitter, and Hotmail. The bad part about these websites is that they can also be used to commit cybercrime. In many of these programs people post events, comments, friends and they also have a lot of personal information that can be access by anyone who has access to a computer and internet. All these information on the web can be used as a tool to commit cybercrime. Some states have laws about harassment and stalking that cover crimes related to cyber-stalking, some other states have laws specifically for cyber-stalking. Certain procedures need to be followed when conduction an investigation in cyber-stalking, the collection of evidence is complicated and specific procedures need to be followed. Some states have cyber-stalking laws and some others for example Arizona use harassment or stalking laws to prosecute that type of crimes. Is Arizona as efficient as other states regarding cybercrime laws? CYBER-STALKING From this search it is clear that cyber-crime related crimes are increasing every day. The use of computers and the web is a very useful tool to commit a variety of

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