How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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In this era, the applications of science have become ubiquitous to our lives. Whether in cell phones, cancer screening, or hybrid cars, we tend to overlook the underlying trials, perspirations, and excitement of discovery that led to these indispensable inventions. I have had an avid interest in science for as long I can remember. I have always been interested in why things work, how they work, and how innovations can further be improved and made more efficient. I love science because it has to power to explain everything around us. It allows us to know where objects originate, why roses are red, how airplanes fly, and so much more! I have a great interest in math, science, technology, computers, and above all learning. The opportunities for imagination and application are boundless, and nothing would excite me more than applying science to solve today’s problems.

It is one thing to simply memorize facts, and another thing to understand the inner workings of nature. I am interested in the latter option; research, or independent discovery, is a core component of learning. As a research intern in my junior and senior years in high school at Prof. Nathan Newman’s lab at Arizona State University I studied the properties of dielectric materials. In order to devise an original question to investigate, I read numerous research papers. Although the research papers were abstruse, conducting the experiment was more arduous since I confronted countless technical issues. My struggle
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