How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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If you would have told an artist back in the 1970’s that in the future there was going to be music exclusively made in a computer, with no use of actual instruments; that musicians would have portals such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or Soundcloud where the audience could listen to their music as they pleased on the go in their mobile phones or even their watches, they probably would have called you crazy. However, this is the reality we live in nowadays. Almost sixty years after that time and, as you walk around a campus, a mall, a park, or anywhere else with large flow of people, you will notice people being in contact with music through several ways, most ways that you observe were not even thought to be possible a century ago. Innovation brought to us the computer, then with it came the tablets, electronic watches, mini tablets, etc. And music was not going to stay behind innovation. The question is, was all the innovation and progress we’ve experienced good or bad for the industry? I would like to say it was all beneficial to the industry and the user, but the reality is that it depends on who you ask. The beginning of the recording industry is often thought of as Thomas Edison 's patent on phonograph technology in the late 19th century. While rudimentary sound capturing experiments began in the early 1800s with tuning forks, these soundwaves were unable to be reproduced. In May 1889 the era of the "phonograph parlor" began in San Francisco. These listening centers

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