How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Are you ready to upgrade your life style? Every day, People are working on making their lives easier and more meaningful. For that reason, there are new innovations that get public each day somewhere in this world. Technology has been helping people become smart and efficient in everything they do from preparing their food to having direct and visual communications with distant societies. Not only did technology help normal people, but also disabled people, people with autism, people with blindness, and generally people with special needs. Thanks to modern technology, it is allowing people with special needs to improve themselves and contribute to societies by carrying out routine work at home, school, and work. As technology and…show more content…
This paper will discuss two of the foreseeable technologies that will change the way people live. Wearable Technology and Internet of Things are two interconnected technologies that will soon upgrade the life style of people. Drivers of Wearable Technology: People like to invent and use tools that help them work better and enjoy their times. People feel satisfied when they are able to do their activities in an easy and excited way. Computers, for example, have help people to do many things such as learning, communicating, getting work done simply and efficiently. In general, information technologies (IT) have positive impact on the way people fulfill their lives. For this reason, scientists and innovators keep creating new smart products that add values and skills to people, and make them more productive. Also, the main thing in information technologies is data. IT products rely on data a lot to function and be useful. When these products are able to collect and use quality data, the results and impact become great. Scientists and innovators want to simplify the life of humans by bringing products that can accompany people wherever they go. These products are made to help people better understand themselves and everything around them, and therefore, work and live professionally. In order to help people better understand themselves and everything around them, experts and
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