How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Young people nowadays might remember the time that they had their first mobile phone, but there are only a few of them can remember what was the the first time they watched a television. Televisions are so familar to many people. It is one of the blockbuster inventions of all time. Back in ten years ago, the television is how people get the news, and how they entertain themselve, not a computer. Computers in ten years ago were a comlicated machine to use. Even in the twenty first century, the computers or many other high technology machines have much more advance features than a television, but they can be seen as present-day duplicates of televisions. Mostly their functions are broadcasting. Although they seem to be the same concept, laptops, smart phones, and some other mobile technology gadgets are more loved because they can carry many tasks at a time in just a tiny machine. People can trust the technology to help them with their works in most of the situation in daily life. Since technology is so common nowadays, people senselessly cling on to them nonstop. At the same time they senselessly see technology as indispensable part of life. It has been an issue of heavy addiction to mass media for more than ten years already. Since 2011 in the online magazine “Project Syndicate” Jeffrey Sachs publiced an article about addiction of mass media around 1950s. The title of the article is “A Nation of Vidiots”. Jeffrey Sachs is a trustworthy person to talk about many academic

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